MyCandy Stations are places in ADXPLACE allow you to collect FREE or FREE after PURCHASE items , products or services to capture more users traffics to your shop, business or retail outlet! These will be located at select places near you, such as historical markers, monuments, malls and art installations. … Most often, MyCandy Station will grant you NOT MORE THAN 50 items at a time.

It is also serve as a premium FREE gift redemption station to help merchants to grab preferred prospects geographically.

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If you aware on PokemonGo (PokeStop), our Candies Station will be similar! It can be anything FREE or FREE after purchases. By providing your own Candies, you will allow us to locate your customers to redeem and find make them surprises before they visiting your outlets.

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We are accepting requests for new MyCandy application. Merchants or businesses who wish to submit their Candies via

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